World Trade Center, San Marino
Foster & Partners, 2004

Norman Foster,

San Marino,

Companies, Offices,

Glass, Steel,

3 years of work and an investment of 30 million euros: these are the figures on the San Marino World Trade Center, one of the most recent projects by London architect Norman Foster, who stands out on the international scene for his highly innovative buildings.

World Trade Center, San Marino<br /> Foster & Partners, 2004 Special innovative technologies were used in the project, with new generation materials guaranteeing reduced environmental impact and high structural quality. A form of concrete was used which, cast in formworks of steel sheeting, permitted construction of highly resistant pillars with very little bulk.
This is a completely new solution, never before used in Italy .
Other architecturally significant details include the mobile aluminium sunshades which Foster insisted on installing so as to control sunlight entering the building to adapt to changes in the sun's position, and the pergola covering the multilevel car park. The metal structure with its steel cables is one of the biggest of its kind in the world, and the architects intend it to provide a support for vines to create a "green hill" that will reduce the visual impact of the hundreds of cars that will park in the complex.
In addition to its prestige, linked with the name of the international WTC chain, the building constructed in San Marino is therefore an example of use of advanced technological solutions with the potential to become a very important centre for business.

Like all the other WTC buildings all over the world, the organisation and architectural configuration of the San Marino complex reflects the unique nature of its location, and constitutes a strategic centre for its international promotion.

Laura Della Badia


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