Wohnen & Arbeiten, Freiburg. Id-Architekur. 1999



Condos, Offices,

Large glass surfaces, special forms of thermal insulation, photovoltaic energy and ventilation systems: these are the outstanding features of the "Wohnen & Arbeiten"(Living & Working) building, one of Europe's most prominent instances of sustainable architecture.

Wohnen & Arbeiten, Freiburg. Id-Architekur. 1999 In terms of energy conservation, the building stands out because there is no clear division of heated and unheated areas. The heated area measures 1396 square metres and all the insulation systems are designed to offer maximum energy yield.
For example, the windows have wooden frames and 83% of the energy is solar, thanks to large panels of glass especially on the south side of the building. 47% of this façade is covered with glass: a figure even greater than that for passive buildings.
This choice also made it possible to exploit natural light and give the building the "consistency" of transparency and light. Aesthetically, the architects' intention was to create a building that would convey its 'organic' spirit, its respect for the surrounding context and for the landscape, in the materials used and in its external appearance.

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