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Granarolo’s new offices in Bologna have more than 500 square metres of ventilated facades covered with Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™

White Active for company Granarolo's new offices The new Granarolo offices designed by architect Luca Drago Studio Open Project, winner of the “Active” competition held by GranitiFiandre, will feature large glass surfaces illuminating the big open spaces inside the building, while the closed walls will be filled in with prefabricated panels providing continuous insulation, covered with GranitiFiandre’s Taxos Extreme tiles. The composition of the hall breaks with the linearity of the main body of the building in a triple volume with a big glass opening marking the main entrance. White and transparency are the key themes in a project that clearly reveals the natural image and focus on the environment of this dairy company based in Italy’s Emilia region. This symbolism led the architects to opt for Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, because of its technical and functional performance as well as its attractive appearance. The work is due to start in March 2011, but even before it has started people are already talking about this innovative new building and its environmentally sustainable features.

PROJECT TEAM: arch. Luca Drago, eng. Silvio A. Manfredini, eng. Romano Piolanti
ASSISTANTS: arch. Elena Berveglieri, arch. Alberto Giovagnoni, arch. Franca Soffritti


CLIENT: Granarolo S.p.A.

Web: www.active-ceramic.it

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