Werner Sobek: Single-family dwelling, Stuttgart, Germany 2000

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In the Römerstrasse home in Stuttgart Werner Sobek gives concrete form to the idea of a home rooted in the third millennium: a building which "behaves" appropriately for its time and for future prospects, and is created not with traditional materials and techniques but through careful planning which takes into account the complexity of the needs and functions involved in daily life today and manages to make the building energy self-sufficient and keep its interference with the surrounding environment to a minimum

Werner Sobek: Single-family dwelling, Stuttgart, Germany 2000 The front door opens directly onto the fourth floor of the house, where the kitchen and dining rooms are located; the two floors below contain the living room and bedrooms and the children's room and services.
The floors are also reinforced with horizontal I-beams so that each floor produces a supporting framework. Strategies were chosen to allow the home to run without the usual traditional systems, while guaranteeing all functions. No materials or components of materials which are not easily accessible were used in building the house, so that there are no hidden installations, and all supply and disposal systems and cables for communication lines are enclosed in laminated metal covers along the walls and ceilings.

The presence of voice-activated radar sensors controlling the functioning of plants and home appliances makes switches and handles unnecessary, and there are none in the home at all. Even the glass covering the outer walls is selected for specific reasons, so that sunlight passing through the facades is absorbed by the water-cooled panels in the ceiling, while a heat transformer conveys energy to an accumulator which then releases it over the winter months for heating, through radiators installed in the ceilings.

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