WeeHouse. Alchemy Architects. 2003

Alchemy Architects,


Steel, Wood,


Living in a weeHouse? There's no doubt it can be an excellent alternative to a conventional house.

WeeHouse. Alchemy Architects. 2003 weeHouse is a single unit that can be built anywhere - even on top of another house. The basic unit is made of wood and steel and designed to be environmentally sustainable. Customers can add options to this basic model, just as one does with a car, or expand on it with the addition of more modules.
In short, the weeHouse can be customised to meet the owner's needs.
"The Alchemy office," reads the architects' website, "is currently working to develop the weeHouse as a flexible line of prefabricated modules that may be adapted and changed to meet the diverse users' needs for cabins, houses, offices, on rooftops, or in developments."

weeHouse can be used in any climate: it is equally well suited to desert or the tundra. Not only because of the materials and technologies employed, but because of its relationship with the environment. Its simple form and brown colours can add warmth to a snowy landscape or blend into a scorched one.
Two different types are available, Solitaires and Companions, for singles and families. Their cost is the most amazing thing about them: only $125 per square metre! The weeHouse and other prefabricated home designs are on display at MOCA - The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles - until May 20 2007.

Francesca Oddo

Photos: Alchemy Architects

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