Villejuif Léo Lagrange metro station, Mario Cucinella.
Paris, France. 2000

Mario Cucinella Architects MCA,




Mario Cucinella's design for Villejuif Léo Lagrange metro station was completed in 1998, when RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) held a competition for redevelopment of ten stations, each centring around a theme that commemorated the close of the century in some way.

Villejuif Léo Lagrange metro station, Mario Cucinella.<br /> Paris, France. 2000 The initiative was also intended to celebrate the centennial of the Paris 'tube', following the increasingly popular trend of integrating transportation nodes into the fabric of the surrounding city in aesthetic as well as functional terms.

In honour of the great athlete and former minister of the French Republic Lagrange, the project focused on the theme of sports, and every aspect of the station was redesigned - from lighting to platforms, entrances and internal passageways.
Architects, set designers, graphic artists and organisers of sports events worked together under RATP's instructions to make the most of all the spaces in the station, from the entrance on the mezzanine level to the raised platforms.

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