Villa on Lake Bled - Ofis Arhitekti. Bled, 2004

OFIS architects,


Ville, Housing,


Glass, Wood,

On the shores of Lake Bled, in Slovenia, is an extraordinarily elegant villa which blends subtly into the Alpine landscape and disappears in it.

Villa on Lake Bled - Ofis Arhitekti. Bled, 2004 The "pillow" is made entirely out of glass, with a view of the lake. It interacts with the lake and lets the villa's surroundings inside; the synergy is established, achieving interaction between the historical and the contemporary.
The new area includes a kitchen, a dining room, a TV area, and a reading and working area. The inhabitants can admire the lake and the mountains while eating, resting or working. The original villa has become the intimate heart of the home, containing the children's and parents' rooms.
The link between the two areas, the new expansion and the nineteenth-century villa, is the heart of the whole composition, both physically and metaphorically speaking. A spiral staircase winds through the centre of the villa, linking the living area with the bedrooms and connecting the contemporary expansion with the historical villa. It is imposing but soft, voluminous but silent, dominant but not arrogant. The doors of all the rooms on the home's three levels open onto its gentle curves.

Photos by Tomaz Gregoric

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