Villa Micheli

Hof architects,


Ville, Housing,


Location: Ceccano, Frosinone
Architects: HOF Architetti (Paolo Belardi, Alessio Burini)
Structural design: Studio Balani (Roberto Balani, Sergio Calabrò)
Supervision of work: Studio Balani
Design: 2002-2003
Construction: 2004-2006
Lot size: 1800 m2
Total surface area: 320 m2
Total volume: 100 m3

Villa Micheli Behind the eighteenth-century facade with its insubstantial, purely evocative essence are two separate residential units, completely independent on the facade, as if to underline the division between the renovation work and its subject.
At the top of the building, the linearity of the terrace suggested by the cornice on the main facade is betrayed on the back with inclusion of two skylights to recover the modern evocation of the deck of a ship, inserting elements of sinuous motion.

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