Villa Iraci

Antonio Iraci & Partners,


Housing, Ville,



Location: Misterbianco, Catania, Italy
Architect: Architect Antonio Iraci & Partners' Studio Archline

Villa Iraci Situated among the narrow lanes of the old town of Misterbianco, not far from fascinating Catania, the Iraci home, designed by ARCHLINE, the studio of architect Antonio Iraci & Partners, is an L-shaped volume, compact and closed to the outside within a wrapper of white plaster, lava, wood and steel.
Stepping over the threshold, we open up the door onto the inner courtyard, where the bright white volumes of the building set up a perfect dialogue with one another. The presence of wood and grass lends a balanced harmony to the environment, expressing its functionality and spatial qualities.
Light, both sunlight and artificial light, ensures visual and material continuity of space: by day, sunlight flows into the house past the inclined plane of the roof, while by night artificial light defines planes and volumes with different hues and intensities.
The patio with its typically Sicilian vegetation is a room open to the sky, the core around which all the other rooms rotate. The true heart of the home is the kitchen, which lives in perfect symbiosis with the outdoors thanks to a large plate of glass running two storeys high which opens onto the courtyard, eliminating the distinction between inside and out. A stairway leads to the bedroom area, where materials such as wood and matt glass provide the right degree of privacy and intimacy.

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