Venice. New Palazzo del Cinema
5+1 and Rudy Ricciotti. 2005

Rudy Ricciotti,

Venice, Italy,

Museums, Exhibition Center,

Venice's new Palazzo del Cinema will be built mostly underground to minimise impact on its natural and built environment, to plans by the Genoese studios of 5+1 and Rudy Ricciotti.

Venice. New Palazzo del Cinema<br> 5+1 and Rudy Ricciotti. 2005 The project which won the international competition held by the Venice Biennial in 2004 was chosen by the jury specifically for its focus on environmental sustainability, and because it manages to incorporate highly practical solutions despite its essential nature. For the winning project combines high architectural quality with a clear focus on the practical aspects of the structure, its functions as a congress centre and a place for hosting major events.

The new Palazzo del Cinema will measure 33 thousand square metres and will include 10 large rooms in addition to an underground hall seating 2,400.
Most of the new building will be underground, saving space above and preserving the landscape of the Venice Lido, with its historical Palazzo del Cinema, Casino and Cinema Garden. The clients and public institutions specifically asked that green areas in the district be left intact, and that there be no major impact on the surrounding Modernist buildings, which are to be left fully in view. The 90 metre long underground hall will be particularly impressive, covered with resin and natural materials alluding to the colours of the earth.

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