Veles e Vents. Valencia. David Chipperfield and b720 Arquitectos. 2006

David Chipperfield,

Valencia, Spain,

Restaurants, Bar,

Veles e Vents, designed by David Chipperfield and studio b720 as a terrace overlooking the sea, a spot above the port offering views of the horizon and above all of the magic of the Americas Cup, has inevitably become the symbol of the Port America's Cup in Valencia.

Veles e Vents. Valencia. David Chipperfield and b720 Arquitectos. 2006 The building is located at the entrance to the canal linking the sea with the port, measures 10 thousand square metres and is primarily horizontal in orientation, only four floors high.
What makes this building so unusual is the fact that it is designed to be a series of overlapping, offset decks so that every point in the building has an unobstructed view of the sea.
The simple, geometric design is livened up by this distribution on offset levels of different amplitudes, creating effects of light and shadow. The impression one gets is that the different blocks are projecting out toward the sea so that spectators in the bars and restaurants and on the decks are "in the front row". But the element that truly links the building with the open sea is a bridge extending toward the water in the direction of the offshore race routes. The decks, arranged to offer shelter from the sun, are Chipperfield and b720's response to the need for a new building that would be both symbolic and capable of offering America's Cup spectators the utmost comfort.

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