U-Bahn and ceramics on display

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Porcelaingres has set up its own exhibition space with an installation evoking urban transit routes, demonstrating that porcelain tiles can give places of passage a strong identity of their own.

U-Bahn and ceramics on display

Ceramic is the starting point for redesigning spaces for major traffic flows in the city, and at the last Cersaie Porcelaingres demonstrated one application of this concept, transforming its stand into a subway stop, a true U-Bahn. Here the focus is not the material itself but its practical application, on the basis of the principle that in urban architecture is not the individual object that determines the quality of the space, but the performance of the whole.
Porcelain is thus revealed, on the basis of a number of rules of visual marketing, to be a key element of good design of places of passage, transforming them from non-places into spaces for community living. In the installation ceramic tiles become the pieces in an attractive puzzle with a strong visual and ideological impact. Playful design suggests the idea to the visitor without expressly stating it.


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