Two Houses. Amsterdam. MVRDV. 2000



Housing, Apartment,

The two homes designed by Dutch studio MVRDV for Amsterdam's Borneo-Sporenburg district may be considered minor but significant evidence of the innovative, experimental way these architects interpret the new urbanity and work with public space.

Two Houses. Amsterdam. MVRDV. 2000 The search for a solution that would be both functionally effective and aesthetically pleasing therefore became a sort of exercise in which the architectural idiom was forced to deal with the limitations posed by the available space and by the context of the building. The form of construction employed could not, on the outside, betray the existing built landscape, but its internal organisation offered an innovative response to all those situations in which living space has to deal with limitations on the amount of available surface area.
In this project, as in most of MVRDV's work, theory and design are clearly represented and inseparable elements of architecture. Their vocabulary, with its highly experimental character, represents one of the most vital aspects of the Dutch architectural scene that has transformed the country since the '90s.

Laura Della Badia


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