Turning Torso, Santiago Calatrava Malmö, 2005

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The Malmö skyline has a new icon: the Turning Torso, completed in four years, is now a prominent landmark in the city of Malmö, Sweden.

Turning Torso, Santiago Calatrava Malmö, 2005 Situated near the bridge linking Sweden with Denmark, the Turning Torso is covered with 2,800 panels of aluminium and glass, making its surface an important aesthetic component.
The building's position in a new residential area helps redefine the identity of the Bo01 district, an abandoned area that has been the focus of special attention in recent years and has now been transformed into one of the city's most dynamic, hospitable areas. The Turning Torso definitely stands out in this setting surrounded by low constructions, but the impression is not that it towers over the little houses but rather that it strives upward with a continuous ascending motion. The building¿s 2200 windows offer splendid panoramic views, especially from the top floors.
As Calatrava himself has said, this very unusual skyscraper was inspired by one of his own sculptures, made in 1991, demonstrating how the architect's creations combine art with technology, sculpture with architecture.
Apart from the aluminium cladding, the most important materials used in the construction are steel, for its inner load-bearing structure, and marble, which contributes to the sculptural effect created by the Turning Torso.

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