Tucano Showroom in Milan - Roberto Paoli


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Metropolitan paths and tracks in the first Tucano flag store in Milan, designed by Roberto Paoli

Tucano Showroom in Milan - Roberto Paoli "We wanted the shop to fit into the city: not just by using the theme of routes as a form of decoration, but by working with rather crude materials with a metropolitan feel". This is how Roberto Paoli describes his plan for the Tucano showroom in central Milan (in Piazza Cadorna), where everything focuses on the theme of paths, represented by two- and three-dimensional textures. These textures, formed where lines cross in space, express the concept of motion along the main routes in the city, with people move along with notebooks and other valuable electronic accessories protected by Tucano products.
The outdoor metropolitan feel is created using untreated steel sheeting with rough welds to make the wall-mounted display units, the floor like a stone pavement, and the furnishings painted with textured outdoor paint.
This first Tucano store is intended to provide a model for more stores and corners to be opened in the future in Italy and abroad.

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