Training and Research Unit (UFR), Brest University

Massimiliano Fuksas,



Cement, Glass,

Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas
Assistants: Patrizia Anania, Enrico Benedetti
Project manager: Rikuo Nishimori
Assistance: Patrizia Anania, Enrico Benedetti
Reinforced concrete and masonry structures: Ove Arup
Supervision of construction: Anne Scheffler
Contractors: Britton/Courte/GTB
Country: France
Location: Brest
Project date: 1992
Construction date: 1993
Curtain walls: concrete panels, clear polycarbonate
Covering: black pvc
Finishes: painted cement, painted sheet steel
Door and window frames: natural aluminium (UFR), blue aluminium (professors' building)
Interior flooring: Grey and green Taralay
Lot size: 27,000 square metres

Training and Research Unit (UFR), Brest University
The project is based on the idea of the "centre" in an attempt to recreate an urban space inside the buildings which, though built to a large scale, appear very light in relation to the size of the area.
The openings in the façades form a virtual link between the university and the city, both from the inside out and vice versa; the trees and the sports complex provide the base for introductory routes and reconstruct a family feeling.
Fuksas deals here with the theme of the building arising in an already established urban setting, linking the past with the present.
The new architectural structure fits into its urban environment, and is dependent on the organisation of the city, from which it is divided only by the traffic; it is not intended to fill in an empty space in the city and organise the space around it, but to organise its interior and set up a relationship which draws its surroundings toward its centre.

Laura Puliti

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