Tradition can be Pop: Colette & Lola by Alvin T

alvinT - Alvin Tjitrowirjo,

West Jakarta, Indonesia,

Bar, Patisserie,

Alvin Tjitrowirjo is a young Indonesian designer whose aim is to take his country’s design worldwide. He uses typically Indonesian materials and styles which, thanks to his creativity, fit perfectly in any project. The glam/pop style of Colette & Lola is a clear demonstration.

Tradition can be Pop: Colette & Lola by Alvin T

Alvin Tjitrowirjo, who goes by the professional name of Alvin T,wants to make Indonesian design world famous. He combines traditional materials and forms with the contemporary scene, designing furniture and interiors. His latest project,Colette & Lola, is a sweet shop with a strongpopflavour, with colours far removed from the shades of wood that are part of tradition.

Colette and Lola are two eccentric sisters who love everything sweet. For the design of their shop, Alvin T tried to create an atmosphere that reflected the dream of a child, hidden in every adult, but ready to reawaken when faced with sweets.

Echoes of candyfloss are everywhere, pink and pale blue shades reflect the fantastic world of sweets and everything is set in an extremely contemporary framework. Despite this, while your eyes wander over the glamorous colours of the space, the mind discovers Indonesian tradition, thanks to the many items of furniture designed specially by Alvin T: floral lamps, mushroom-seats, rocking chairs and even the counter.Whoever said that tradition can’t be pop?

Francesco Cibati

Place: Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta, Indonesia
Architect: Alvin T – http://www.alvin-t.com/
Year: 2015
Photos: Courtesy of the architect


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