Toyo Ito the architect Exhibition at Palladio's Basilica in Vicenza

Toyo Ito,

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19 "columns of light" transform Palladio's Basilica into a true hypostylos space.

Toyo Ito the architect
Exhibition at Palladio's Basilica in Vicenza
In comparison with other arts and crafts, architecture involves very lengthy execution times, often too long for the rhythm of modern life. Years go by between the conception of the project and its execution, and during this time the architect is exposed to new technological and artistic influences, and may often change his or her tastes and preferences.

Progress toward more and more artistic, less technological representations and publications is the architect's response to passing whims and trends. These values are current and relevant in the contemporary world, but have no place in true architectural design. Exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for architects to exhibit not only their latest projects but, above all, their concepts of space and their philosophy of architecture at this point in time, as it were in "real time". Here the architect can "play", "naked" and free of impediments; here the architect can apply more abstract, purer concepts. Ito takes advantage of this opportunity, presenting us with an exhibition which is super-contemporary in all its aspects.

Palladio clothed the outside of his basilica in a classic double colonnade; Ito has redone the inside in a contemporary way. Bringing together two great masters of different ages and cultures is one of the most interesting things about this architectural feast. What does this choice signify? What is the outcome of this encounter? The answer is not obvious, it is subjective; but as the critic Francesco del Co used to say, things that encourage us to think, that ask us questions and make us seek out deeper meanings, are things truly worth exploring.

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