Toth Project's Floating Blocks in Budapest

László Tóth, László Papp, Frigyes Schalling,

Sport & Wellness, Ville,


Kata Sütő, László Sütő (Suto Interior Architects), Interior Design,

Blocks that float lightly one above the other. The Hungarian architects of Toth Project have designed a one-family house in which volumes are broken down on the basis of the rules of geometry, creating an impression of lightness.

Toth Project's Floating Blocks in Budapest

In Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is a one-family house made up of blocks carefully designed to create the impression they are floating in the air without touching each other.
Toth Project underlines the importance of the customer in this project: they were given a blank slate to do whatever they wanted with the house. The result is a one-family home on four levels which took a year and a half to design and only eight months to build. Their approach to the design was extremely rational and economical. Though minimalist in style, the building never creates a sensation of emptiness anywhere in its 300 square metres of floor space, but has a warm, cosy atmosphere throughout.

The ground floor is intentionally left free, with practically no furniture. On the underground levels there are utility areas and a guest bedroom. To access the upper levels and the outdoor areas, the architects used the structural element of the bridge to link volumes that would otherwise be separate. On the first floor the house has a living and dining room, a kitchen and a children's playroom. The second floor contains all the bedrooms, while the top floor is a place for relaxation and rest with a spectacular view over Buda.

In designing these "floating blocks", the architects of Toth Project underlined how well-studied geometry can contribute to the sensation of lightness.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Year: 2013
Architects: László Tóth, László Papp, Frigyes Schalling
Interior Designer: Kata Süt?, László Süt? (Suto Interior Architects)
Area: 315 mq
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


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