Toscanini Office Complex

AR Studio,




ventilated facades, GranitiFiandre,

Location: Modena, Italy
Architects: Studio AR Associati
Surface area: 4200 m2
Ventilated wall: 1500 m2

Toscanini Office Complex The materials, chosen from the vast Geologica range offered by GranitiFiandre, are structured Perlino Rosato from the New Marmi collection and structured Pietra Piasentina from the New Stone collection.
The choice of materials was motivated not only by the desire to forge a link with local traditions, but also by its ability to create an elegant, "classic" image that would adequately represent the companies with offices in the complex.
Durability, strength and easy maintenance are combined with forms and materials that make the Toscanini office centre a technologically advanced facility adaptable to the needs of any company.

Laura Della Badia

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