Tokyo dedicates a museum to John Lennon

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Project name: John Lennon Museum
Location: Saitama Prefecture, Japan ( approx. 20 km. north of Tokyo), Saitama Super Arena
Design: Taisei Corporation, Design Division- arch. KATSUHIKO KUBO, arch.TOMONARI HAYASHI
Concept: Taisei Corporation, YOKO ONO
Type of work: flooring
Materials: IRIS ceramics -Statuario Venato marble, 30cmx30cm, with glossy finish (for The Final Room)
Quantity of material employed: 300 square metres

Finishes in The Final Room:
- floor: IRIS Ceramics - Statuario Venato marble
- wall: Acrylic silicon baked paint (white colour)
- ceiling: Glass cloth ceiling (luminous ceiling)
- louvers: Aluminium louvers with baked paint (white colour)

Museum surface areas:
- Exhibition Room: 1500 m2.
- Shop: 200 m2.
- Coffee Shop: 300 m2.
- Lobby:1600 m2.

Tokyo dedicates a museum to John Lennon (5)Recent Japanese architecture, such as that of Toyo Ito or Sejima, stands out for its light weight and flexibility.
Transparency and even light appear to be the chief aims of the new architecture, which increasingly privileges the modern look of glass, grid or steel - with an evident predominance of neutral, radiant colours - to create a contemporary, metropolitan look which remains true to the austerity and elegance that characterised the country's ancient and noble aesthetic tradition in the past.

These features may be recognised in the new John Lennon Museum in Tokyo, in which the design team - led by Kubo and Hayashi - made use of the active and enthusiastic creative contribution of Yoko Ono to form a free, flexible space which manages to recreate the unique spirit of the ex-Beatle's poetic imagery.

Two quotes on which the architects based their inspiration for the design illustrate this approach to space.
The first - by John Lennon himself - is:

"Once they put me in a museum, it's all over"

while the second, by the famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho - suggests:
v "Seek not the trail of the ancients: seek rather what they sought".


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