To the measure of man:
opMAAT's architecture

Bar, Sport & Wellness, Offices,

To measure, because the principles of biocompatible architecture state that a building is like skin and the finish on it like clothing - clothing that must be custom-designed for different sizes, different users and different situations.
No person is just like another, and no place is just like any other. And so every project is unique.

To the measure of man:<br> opMAAT's architecture To measure, translated literally from Dutch, opMAAT is a practice founded by Hiltrud Potz and Pierre Bleuze in Delft, the Netherlands.
OpMAAT's many talents allow the studio to work on architecture, urban planning, and research in design and technology and to provide technical consulting services.
The manifesto of the OpMAAT philosophy is : functionality, ecology and innovative techniques. Ancient wisdom combined with new technologies.
OpMAAT creates the conditions for living and working in a comfortable, pleasant environment, and their works demonstrate conscientious design, careful minimisation of the ecological impact of construction, and use of renewable resources, all to optimise the benefits for buildings and their users.

In the plan for Rijkswaterstaatkantoor in Terneuzen, an office building with a canteen, the main body of the building is triangular in shape with a circular atrium at its centre and a glass roof.

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