Thomas Herzog, Administrative offices. Hanover trade fair complex

Thomas Herzog,


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The office tower in the Hanover trade fair complex is an example of environmentally sustainable, ecologically compatible architecture by Thomas Herzog, renowned all over the world for his study of use of renewable resources and for the expressiveness and architectural quality of his projects.

Thomas Herzog, Administrative offices. Hanover trade fair complex In this work, Herzog associates the traditional office tower with a series of ecological solutions qualifying the building as ecologically sustainable.
The building is constructed on 20 levels, grouped into three macro-areas divided by function and use: the first three floors constitute a volume also defining the atrium; the next four house office space, while the remaining ones are intended for use as conference halls and executive offices.

The body has a square base measuring 24 metres on each side; on top of it are two more volumes housing services. The spatial distribution of the rooms is intended to allow adaptation to changing needs. The central portion, constituting the core of the building and dedicated to office space, is completely enclosed in glass, while the volumes at the sides are covered in brick.
The transparency of the glass saves energy on climate control in the building. The facades are constructed out of double walls with a gap in between them, a space large enough to walk through onto which sliding doors and windows open to permit natural ventilation.
When the windows are closed, air flows in through ducts built into the inner panels of glass. In the winter, heat from air flowing out of the building is used to preheat cold air flowing in up to 85%.

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