The Wave housing complex, René Van Zuuk.
Almere (the Netherlands). 2005

René Van Zuuk,


Housing, Condos,

"The Wave" is a new housing complex characterised by sinuous wavy architecture in the centre of the city of Almere.

The Wave housing complex, René Van Zuuk. <br />Almere (the Netherlands). 2005	The result is highly original, almost unexpected and therefore surprising in a residential building.
If we observe its horizontal development, we notice the contrast between the two ends - one is square and compact, the other more irregular, almost deformed, "pushing" the walls forward toward the sea.
Each of the preassembled panels is composed of plasterboard, a steam barrier and rock wool insulation, with a single layer of pre-painted laminated aluminium on the outside.
Each panel contains a gap between the insulation and the aluminium exterior to provide natural ventilation. Air comes in through a grating hidden and protected inside the niche created between the panels at each level, and flows out through the flashing under each of the window frames. This system ensures that humidity moves outward and reduces heat accumulation caused by the sun¿s rays.
The result is a building where the special cladding system ensures both internal comfort and visual comfort with the aid of plates which are overlapped not only vertically and horizontally but on the corners as well, creating a diagonal structure on the façade.

Laura Della Badia

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