The Van Gogh museum's addition, Kisho Kurokawa

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The Van Gogh museum, designed by Rietveled, Vand Dillen and Van Tricht and first inaugurated in 1973, is nowadays one of the most popular museum in Europe.

The Van Gogh museum's addition, Kisho Kurokawa The elliptical shape of the new building is set against the orthogonal geometry of the building by Rietveld, but still can be seen as a homage to the museum. However great the contrast, there is also an affinity, as the ellipse, like the right angle, is based on elementary geometry.
The box shape, popping out of the building's façade, contributes to the clear volume play, in this case, visible both from the exterior as from the interior.
What is not immediately apparent is that the ellipse is not bisected along its long axis but slightly rotated. Equally subtle is the fact that the flat elevation is not entirely perpendicular and that the roof and the elliptical wall do not have the same curve.

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