The Tower

United Arab Emirates, Dubai,

Skyscraper, Offices, Sport & Wellness, Factories,

Glass, Cement,

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Project type: residential
Client: Union Properties
Design: Khatib & Alami, Norr Group Consultants Int. Ldt.
Builder: Nasa Multiplex LLC
Consultants: Thomas Bell Wright International Consultants
Cost: $ 40,870,000
Height: 243 m.
Floors (above ground): 54
Gross surface area: 46,454 square metres
Construction: 2000-2002

The Tower The long, slender form of the Tower represents one of the latest technological challenges in skyscraper construction.
Opened in April 2002, the 54-storey residential building rises 243 metres into the air over a tiny surface area of 900 square metres.
In a strategic position in Dubai, on the exclusive Sheykh Zayed Road not far from the Emirates Towers, The Tower was built using innovative technologies permitting achievement of great height on a limited base surface.
Architects Khatib & Alami, winners of a competition held by Union Properties in 1999, were assisted by Nasa Multiplex in developing a structural system which reduced work at the site to a minimum, speeding up construction and offering economic benefits for the project.
The construction has a composite structure, with a central core of reinforced concrete housing vertical links and facilities, and an external system constructed of steel tubes buried in cement and filled in with plates of glass.
The floors of post-stressed prefabricated concrete rest on steel plates anchored to the central core and external uprights of the building.
These technologies permitted the tower to be built at a speed of one storey every three days without excessive bulk at the base.
The building's outer facades are covered in glass and marked by slender steel pilaster strips which cross over on technical planes to form a pointed arch motif with an Arabian flavour.
An eight-level parking lot was built on the lot behind the building for Tower residents, who will also enjoy a health centre and swimming pool on the parking lot roof.
The two buildings are connected by a series of internal walkways and garden-lined pedestrian routes.
There are two entrances to The Tower on the ground floor, as well as management offices and a café.

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