The MezzaCorona winery
Alberto Cecchetto

Alberto Cecchetto,


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Sophisticated forms and technologies characterise the new MezzaCorona Group winery, a project which creates a unique bond between the building and its natural surroundings.

The MezzaCorona winery<br>Alberto Cecchetto The production facilities are located in the basement and on the ground floor, which respectively house the containers in which the wine is stored and the wine-making equipment. Another large block, partially below ground and covered by an experimental vineyard, serves to connect the two levels and links the new facilities with the surrounding land.
Other secondary blocks have been built in addition to the winery and the sparkling wine facilities, and these house specific services, such as the historical winery, the technological plant, the weighing shelter, an area with steel containers where the wines are mixed and the island with the offices and changing rooms.
The various blocks are precisely differentiated architecturally, yet the overall impression is that they are organically linked to form a whole.
Moreover, the designers clearly intended to reproduce the curving motif reminiscent of vine shoots: a sort of wave which is repeated and multiplied in the wooden structures.

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