The Lido in Venice, with the Architecture Biennale and the Film Festival

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The Lido in Venice, with the Architecture Biennale and the Film Festival

The end of August is a busy time, with two important events: the International Architecture Exhibition under the title Common Ground and the 69th Film Festival speak and express themselves in the same language. David Chipperfield, director of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition organised by the Biennale in Venice, focuses on sharing differences, on the need to reinstate cultures constituting heritages of different ideas while telling the common stories of peoples, aware of the importance of promoting dialogue between past and future generations. This is what David Chipperfield sees as the new vision of architecture in the context of history, languages, influxes and affinities, as well as the ideological matrixes which will be represented in the films and short films screened during the Film Festival in the Lido of Venice.

First editions
The first edition of the Biennale was held in Venice in 1895, the first international film festival in 1932.

From art nouveau to the 50s
A permanent outdoor exhibition of architecture dating from the first years of the 20th century to the 1950s. Starting with eighteenth-century constructions such as the “Murazzi” the centre of the island was enriched with art nouveau buildings, including about 270 villas and residences. A long avenue, the “Lungo laguna”, is flanked by art nouveau buildings leading to San Nicolò, where the island’s biggest fortress once stood.

G. Nicelli airport
The interesting G. Nicelli airport was opened in 1909, and in 1926 it became Italy’s first civilian airport. Recently restored, it has conserved the art deco style perfectly. Gabriele D'Annunzio frequented the airport, and today it is possible to organise a tour of the lagoon or eat at the airport restaurant, between the hangars, the lagoon and the oddly shaped airplanes.

Baths erected by the open waves of the sea– 1857
This is when the Lido became one of Europe’s most elegant places to bathe. AskMen magazine has named it one of the 10 most popular urban beaches in the world. Its characteristic wooden huts, called “capanno” by the locals, offer the perfect refuge from the sun during a day on the beach.

At the top
Des Bains Beach
Across from the hotel of the same name, it was described by Thomas Mann in “Death in Venice” and was an icon of the early 20th century; with its straw-roofed cabins, it is still considered one of the most elegant bathing establishments in Venice.

Excelsior Beach
The white canvas cabins of the Excelsior beach are another gathering-place for prominent film actors.

The most traditional of cocktails
The spritz is made with aperol or campari + white wine + an olive. With generous proportions at low prices, the spritz is a ritual linked with the local area and its traditions, worth trying in any bar or “osteria”.

Sleeping in the countryside at the Lido
Plenty of bicycles are available for sustainable discovery of various different architecture itineraries at Albergo Quattro Fontane. A vintage residence inspired by the style of the chalet or cottage, the hotel stands on the site of the original “casino” or foyer built in 1573. It is now the perfect place to chat and admire and enjoy the old flower garden in the shade of a big plane tree, as the directors and actors featured in the Film Festival have been doing for years. A curious feature is the quiet little studies, such as the one at “la Casetta”.

New talents showcased at Next Landmark
During the International Architecture Exhibition, in the spirit of director David Chipperfield, Floornature.com is holding a contest for new graduates intended to focus attention on future generations of professionals. The site of the event is a frescoed deconsecrated church, part of a Salesian compound adjacent to the gardens of the Biennale.
The opening will be held on August 28, when the contest winners will be announced.

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Architecture biennale
Venice – Gardens and Arsenale

Film Festival
Lido di Venezia

G. Nicelli airport
Via Morandi 9 – Lido di Venezia

Bathing establishments at Lido di Venezia

Des Bains Beach
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 34/36

Excelsior Beach
Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi 41

Albergo Quattro Fontane
Via delle Quattro Fontane 16

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