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Fuji - Naturalmente Architettura (Architecture, naturally) is the first initiative in enterprise concerned exclusively with standardised sustainable construction.

The FUJY project. Architecture, naturally The project, implemented in 1999, employed a team of professionals from the world of architecture, constructions, marketing and communications. Their goal was promoting sustainable development both by designing architecture with low environmental impact and publicising its environmental, economic and social benefits.
The strategic model perfected by the team led by sustainability expert Luca Lancini is based on 4 precisely identified points:
  • using renewable energies while guaranteeing competitive costs through standardisation of construction processes;
  • introducing environmental certification as an element of diversification and competitiveness;
  • publicising the benefits for everyone involved: businesses, organisations, institutions and final customers.
  • using products by leading companies in the field, as a guarantee of quality.
The initiative began when the people involved noted the difficulties companies encountered in implementing sustainability programmes: longer times, greater technical complexity in systems, lack of public information on the true benefits of sustainable architecture. This led to ongoing dialogue with national and international organisations in the field, in the awareness that "a little change in the behaviour of a multitude of people can make a big difference to our environmental impact".
The important thing here is to publicise both the results achieved in projects already implemented and the potential inherent in application of the principles of sustainable architecture.

There is also a lot of involvement on the part of businesses which have integrated or are integrating sustainability among their strategic goals, making it an added value and a distinctive element characterising their production.
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