The Collection, Miami
Iosa Ghini, 2001

Massimo Iosa Ghini,

Miami, USA,

Shopping Centers, Showroom,

Interior Design,

8 big showrooms within an innovative, futuristic shopping centre: that's "The Collection", a project constructed by Bologna architect Iosa Ghini in Miami, creating a space painstakingly studied and designed down to the tiniest detail to offer showrooms for the biggest luxury car manufacturers.

The Collection, Miami<br> Iosa Ghini, 2001 The area measures about 15,000 square metres, and, in addition to the plaza and the showrooms of the biggest automobile manufacturers (Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche, Audi), it also hosts the offices of the company that deals in their vehicles.
From the architectural point of view, the organisation of space is based on the concept of the plaza, on which large areas open up, mostly constructed with a system combining tradition and new technologies.
It involves a set of conified curved slabs, supported by a steel system incorporating load-bearing panels of wood to create a blend of traditional and innovative elements.

The covered plaza is therefore where all the showrooms come together. In each showroom Iosa Ghini uses colours and forms symbolic of the automobile makes on display, permitting easy recognition of the products and the spaces housing them.

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