The Amazing Whale Jaw, Maurice Nio. Hoofdoorp. 2003

Maurice Nio - NIO architecten,



It¿s supposed to be the biggest polystyrene work of architecture yet made: The Amazing Whale Jaw is a head bus stop inaugurated in 2003 in Hoofddorp, in northern Holland.

The Amazing Whale Jaw, Maurice Nio. Hoofdoorp. 2003 The project falls in the specific area of interest to Maurice Nio, born in 1959, founder of NOX Architects and, in 2000, NIO Architecten; he has always been particularly interested in urban planning and transformation of urban spaces, especially in degraded areas.
The idea is to cover up anonymous urban settings to reveal their unexpressed potential and create new scenarios in a highly contemporary style.The structure of the station, which folds over on itself to create shadows, falls in the tradition of Oscar Niemeyer, somewhere between modernism and the Baroque. The unusual perspectives and glimpses created by the forms of the station give rise to a body that is folded in on itself yet open to its surroundings, with an outstanding ability to communicate.
The study of materials, colours and forms is essential to achieving this result.

Laura Della Badia

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