Tel Aviv's Towering Heights

Philippe Starck,

Tel Aviv, Israele,

Skyscraper, Condos,

Fifty-four year-old design daredevil Philippe Starck lacks no courage with extravagant creations. With his Juicy Salef lemon squeezer, or the Aprilia Moto 6.5, Starck created many late twentieth century industrial design icons. And as the new millennium dawns, the French enfant terrible remains hot.

Tel Aviv's Towering Heights Starck recommends various kinds of material for the interior of the apartments. The designer assumes that the buyers may choose to mix different styles. Starck's Class-type selection, associating cigar, Jaguar and Tweed with the word 'classic', will offer his apartment with dark wooden floors, leather furniture and marble surfaces.

Andy Warhol fans may choose the culture variety with an odd mix of neon light, baroque and hip furniture. Minimal means lots of white, steal, little furniture, clear lines. Finally, Nature expresses itself in pale colours and robust textiles. The buyers can select various assortments of furniture, bathroom installations, kitchen equipment, electrical appliances and different ways of illumination.

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