Teatro Popular in Niteroi (Brazil) Oscar Niemeyer. 2007

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The opening of the Teatro Popular marked a milestone in a city that already has 6 Oscar Niemeyer buildings, not only because completion of the work was a lengthy process but because the Brazilian architect turns one hundred in the same year (on December 15 2007).

Teatro Popular in Niteroi (Brazil) Oscar Niemeyer. 2007 The yellow facades and the green walls are a homage to Brazil?s flag, according to the architect, who once again uses form and colour to create surprising and harmonious effects.
Initially conceived with simplex lines, the theatre then developed in response to Niemeyer?s imagination, becoming an expression of joy and vitality and confirming the architect?s talent for using cement as an expressive material.
The huge stands can be opened up to the plaza to contain thousands of people, in a homage to Brazil?s people and their tradition of music and entertainment.The daring composition, enormous spaces, undulating lines and light colours of this work make it a sort of sculpture, confirming what has been said of Niemeyer: he is a monumental sculptor rather than an architect!
The project cost about 5 million euro, financed in part by the city of Niteroi and in part by the Tourism Ministry. And the city of Niteroi has signed a new agreement with the federal government for completion of the Niemeyer Foundation building, to stand right next to the Teatro Popular.

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