Tchoban Voss Architekten Expoforum congress and exhibition centre

SPEECH, Evgeny Gerasimov and partners, Tchoban Voss Architekten,

Dmitry Chebanenko,

Saint Petersburg,


Glass, Porcelain Tile, copper,

ventilated facades,

Expoforum Congress and exhibition complex has been completed in Saint Petersburg, designed by architectural studios Evgeny Gerasimov and partners, Tchoban Voss Architekten and SPEECH. The pavilions in the centre are covered with Graniti Fiandre’s Maximum ceramic slabs, decorated with vintage prints showing views of Saint Petersburg.

Tchoban Voss Architekten Expoforum congress and exhibition centre

Architectural studios Evgeny Gerasimov and partners, Tchoban Voss Architekten and SPEECH planned the Expoforum, one of the world’s biggest exhibition and congress centres, built in a strategic location only 10 minutes from Pulkovo international airport.

With a clear, well-defined geometric layout, the volumes of the Expoforum are lined up along Peterburgskoe Chaussee, the main road connecting the exhibition centre with the city. The congress centre includes not only the exhibition pavilions but two hotels and two business centres. The volumes containing reception and commercial areas are arranged along a line perpendicular to the trade fair pavilions. The various different functions in the Expoforum are connected with the pavilions by a dark glass volume with a wavy roof that acts as an entrance area and centre for distribution on the exhibition grounds.
Almost all the buildings in the complex present an alternation of clear glass and bright yellow matt surfaces on their façades. The architects chose this bold colour to recall the amber room in Catherine Palace, known as the Great Palace of Tsarskoe Selo, the historic summer residence of the Tsars not far from the Expoforum. The walls of the pavilions are covered with porcelain panels made by Graniti Fiandre, in a shade of yellow specially chosen by the architects, brought to life with historic maps and views of Saint Petersburg. 24 antique illustrations have been reproduced on 300x100 cm panels of Fiandre Maximum Extralife, a total of 3700 maxi-slabs only 6 mm thick.

Architecture: Evgeny Gerasimov and partners, Tchoban Voss Architekten, SPEECH
Heads of creative team: Evgeny Gerasimov, Sergei Tchoban
Principal project architects: Viktor Khivrich (Evgeny Gerasimov and partners), Valeria Kashirina, Igor Markov (Tchoban Voss Architekten), Andrey Perlich (SPEECH)
Evgeny Gerasimov and partners: Y. Appolonova, M. Borisyuk, Y. Budygina, A. Bukina, N. Dmitrieva, D. Zaytsev, I. Minniev, Y. Osipova, M. Ramenskaya, Y. Savhcenko, I. Filimonova, G. Shumskaya
Tchoban Voss Architekten: S. Grischkat, D. Dietz, K. Ozan, H. Topper, R. Hoch, I. Schwarzweller, R. Schwarzweller
SPEECH: I. Aparin, A. Konikova, Y. Lavrova, T. Lokteva, T. Lyubimova, Y. Mashkov, S. Orekhova, A. Popova, Y. Pluzhnik, M. Rasskazova, D. Tolstova, A. Tumanyan, I. Filatov, A. Khmelenina, G. Shashkina

Address: Peterburgskoe shosse, 61/1, St Petersburg, Russia
Completion: September 2016
Client: ZAO Expoforum
Total area: 171.125 m²
Exhibition area: 39.150 m²
Business centres: 14.318,00 m² and 15.425,80 m²
Total amount of rooms: 441

1-15: Images courtesy of Tchoban Voss Architekten, photo by Dmitry Chebanenko
16-27: Images courtesy of Graniti Fiandre

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