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Gregotti Associati. Lombarda Headquarters' bank.<br /> Brescia, Italy. 2004


Gregotti Associati. Lombarda Headquarters' bank.
Brescia, Italy. 2004

A cube measuring 55 metres on each side, two wings, a public courtyard and a truncated pyramid make up the new Banca Lombarda headquarters in Brescia, a construction with simple lines and complex form designed by Gregotti Associati and built in the "Brescia 2" urban expansion zone.

Promotion Center, Punjiang. <br> Gregotti Associati. 2003


Promotion Center, Punjiang.
Gregotti Associati. 2003

The building, occupying an area measuring over 10,000 m2, was built on the road to the new city of Punjiang for Shanghai Highpower - OCT Investment, promoters of the new city constructed in the southern suburbs of Shanghai.

Pirelli Real Estate, Milan.<br> Gregotti Associati, 2003


Pirelli Real Estate, Milan.
Gregotti Associati, 2003

A huge glass cube containing a white tower 40 metres high: Gregotti Associati's new project is part of the plan for urban transformation of the Bicocca, destined to house the Milanese company's offices.

Teatro degli Arcimboldi <br>Gregotti Associati


Teatro degli Arcimboldi
Gregotti Associati

Milan's second opera theatre after Teatro alla Scala, Teatro degli Arcimboldi was opened in early 2002 following careful study of architecture and acoustics by Gregotti Associati.

Salle de spectacles du Pays <br> d'Aix Sextius - Mirabeau


Salle de spectacles du Pays
d'Aix Sextius - Mirabeau

Gregotti Associati was chosen out of five finalists in an international competition by invitation held by the urban community of Pays d'Aix for construction of the new theatre in Aix - en - Provence.

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