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Aeon Takaoka Shopping Mall


Aeon Takaoka Shopping Mall

Location: Takaoka, JapanClient: ÆON Mall Co.Opening date: September 19 2002

Multipurpose complex<br> Mannheim, Michael Wilford


Multipurpose complex
Mannheim, Michael Wilford

In the centre of block N7 in the old part of Mannheim, the multipurpose complex designed by architect Michael Wilford includes a Conservatory of Music, a Dance Academy and a multiplex Cinema.

Ducati Store


Ducati Store

Location: Bologna, ItalyClient: Ducati Opening date: September 23 2004

Le Zagare Shopping Centre


Le Zagare Shopping Centre

Location: San Giovanni la Punta (CT), ItalyDesigner: Luciano Roznik Project date: June 2002 - June 2003Construction date: June 2003 - June 2004Client: Aligrup S.p.a.

Yumebutai, Hawajishima <br>Tadao Ando 2000


Yumebutai, Hawajishima
Tadao Ando 2000

More of a landscaping project than an architectural one, the Yumebutai complex perfectly mirrors the concept of Japanese architecture in which the landscape is seen as an atmosphere in the process of becoming, rather than an object of design.

Exploration Place, Moshe Safdie and Associates.<br> Wichita (Kansas)


Exploration Place, Moshe Safdie and Associates.
Wichita (Kansas)

Seen from above, it looks like a white island with undulating forms and curves descending toward the sea. It¿s the science museum designed by Israeli architect Moshe Safdie and built on the bank of the Arkansas River in the town of Wichita.

Jesolo Lido Village<br>Richard Meier. 2004


Jesolo Lido Village
Richard Meier. 2004

On the Venetian coast, where the old Monte Berico holiday camp used to stand, a new residential complex is to become the focus of Lido di Jesolo.

B&B Italia Store. Milan. Antonio Citterio & Partners. 2004


B&B Italia Store. Milan. Antonio Citterio & Partners. 2004

Antonio Citterio's new store for the well-known design firm in central Milan is built on three levels in a '60s building.

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