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Casa Capece-Venanzi. Giovanni Vaccarini. Giulianova. 2006


Casa Capece-Venanzi. Giovanni Vaccarini. Giulianova. 2006

In an area of the Adriatic coast between Ascoli and Pescara, where towns dissolve to become an apparently anonymous landscape, Casa Capece-Venanzi stands out, in a way however that is marked by linearity, discretion and lightness.

New Fater spa offices<br> Massimiliano Fuksas. Pescara


New Fater spa offices
Massimiliano Fuksas. Pescara

Fater SpA's new office building, to be built in place of recently demolished old industrial buildings in Pescara, will make a contribution to the architectural and social redevelopment of this part of the city. It will be a lightweight building with a complex structure composed of two overlapping volumes.

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