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The great Japanese master Tadao Ando normally works within a highly evocative beautiful natural setting, where his architecture blends with harmonious, spiritual elegance.

Tadao Ando - Chicago Home The resulting space is evidently inspired by contemporary Japanese architecture and the products of the great master of the Modernist Movement, Mies van der Rohe: the great surfaces of glass looking out over the water, and the introverted nature of the project, seem to pay homage to the German master's famous Barcelona Pavilion, as does the use of such noble materials as marble, which entirely covers the facades and the portal onto the water.
While the building is closed off from the city, its interior is a repeated play of transparencies toward the water and among the interior spaces: fascinating and calm, the visual intersections between the volumes in the home communicate a sensation of closeness which the distinction between the main residence and the guest house deprives of all promiscuity.

The end result seems to confirm Tironi 's comments on the Japanese master's architecture: "...a thorough investigation of light and dematerialisation of walls in order to obtain an exceptional density of spatial experience... Ando's profound meditation on the sacredness of space, though it comes directly out of Japanese tradition, radically renews Japanese architects' traditional interpretation of the relationship between modern forms of expression and local tradition In the background of this introspective itinerary we also find moments of densification of particular themes, such as that of... . horizontality as excavation in the ground, solemnity bestowed upon daily life, or the fence interpreted as a gradation of layers..."
Or, more simply, as Ando himself puts it: "Rather than clinging to forms, I prefer spiritual and emotional content".

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