Sundial Bridge. Redding (California). Santiago Calatrava. 2004

Santiago Calatrava,


Cement, Glass,


In the city of Redding, in the heart of California, the Sacramento River has become a landmark not because of its waters, but because of the bridge over it: a slender, elegant structure designed by the world's best-known "bridge architect", Santiago Calatrava of Catalonia.

Sundial Bridge. Redding (California). Santiago Calatrava. 2004 Glass and steel are the keys to the project : the grid of trusses is supported by 14 steel cables converging on a 66 metre high pylon, inclined at an angle of 42 degrees. Its weight rests entirely on a ball bearing in the cement foundation.
The lighting design has been very carefully studied to further add to the aesthetic value of the structure.A complex system of backlit stratified glass panels marks the crossing, guiding people across the bridge in a highly original way.
The project's use of stratified glass was the most important factor in winning the bridge first prize in the Solutia Design Awards 2005, presented in December 2005.


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