Strasbourg and Amiens Zenith
Massimiliano Fuksas

Massimiliano Fuksas,



After winning two competitions in 2003, Massimiliano Fuksas will be entrusted with construction of two huge, spectacular structures for large-scale public events in the next few years.

Strasbourg and Amiens Zenith <br> Massimiliano Fuksas The two projects are based on a similar concept. The elliptical form was intended as a sculptural element, and its monumental volume is lightened up by the ellipses of its metal exoskeleton, which is then covered in a membrane of fabric similar to Goretex. This creates greater dynamism, also suggested by the translation and rotation of the ellipses.
And the curve of the walls inside creates evocative shadows and reinforces the impression that the space is continually moving.
In the Strasbourg Zenith, the entrance will be on the glass wall at the base of the Zenith, which will be covered in orange steel on the outside up to a height of five metres to create an effect of continuity with the upper part of the construction.
Inside the building will be the concert hall, with its central stage, a hall 5 metres high, lateral corridors and service areas.

Laura Della Badia

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