Steven Holl wins in Hangzhou, China

Steven Holl, David Chipperfield, Herzog & de Meuron,

Factories, Skyscraper, Gallery, Restaurants, Sport & Wellness, Hotel,


Stone, Glass,


An international panel of judges awarded the first prize in the Hangzhou International Design Competition to Steven Holl for his masterplan for redevelopment of the area on the basis of the concept of Shan-Shui.

Steven Holl wins in Hangzhou, China

The first prize in the international competition for redevelopment of the Hangzhou area in China has been awarded to Steven Holl, second prize to Herzog & de Meuron, and third prize to David Chipperfield Architects. The master plan includes residential tower blocks, an international exhibition centre and other functions including art galleries, restaurants and spaces for performances and exhibitions. The whole system is based on the concept of Shan-Shui, mountain and water, because the buildings in Hangzhou live in symbiosis with the nearby lake (West Lake). The key to the plan is the Earth and Water twin towers, with other buildings lower in height radiating outwards from them. The area to the north includes different types of housing units, green areas with fountains and the Lantern Towers, glass towers reminiscent of the ancient stone lanterns of West Lake. To the south, a natural slope in the land conceals a public water park with restaurants and hotels, a flexible facility capable of housing other functions such as coffee shops and exhibition spaces in experimental architectural forms designed by artists and architects on the basis of future requirements and plans.
(by Agnese Bifulco)



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