Steven Holl, Bellevue Art Museum, Washington

Steven Holl,

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"And so let it be for you to create an art that is made with the hands of the people to the joy of the people too. An art that will be a democratic art... Because there is nothing in common life too mean in common things to trivial to be ennobled by your touch, nothing in life that art cannot raise and sanctify"
(Oscar Wilde)

Steven Holl, Bellevue Art Museum, Washington It emphasizes participation, giving much of its focus on classes, demonstrations and creating art, including electronic forms. There is space for an artist-in-residence program.
Holl, an artist himself, started the process of this project with painting, seeking for a metaphor to guide the design. Some series of models were made: three fingers pointing to different directions representing strong forces, moving in different directions yet belonging to the same system.

Eventually, this process led to the organizing concept for the building: Tripleness.
- 3 gallery lofts, curving across the rooftop like fingers.
- 3 light qualities, representing three different conditions of time: linear, cyclic and Fragmented/Gnostic time.
- 3 actions: to see, to explore, to create.
- 3 main levels
- 3 circulation directions

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