Space is luxury

Renato Arrigo,

Sport & Wellness,

When renovating a building right in the centre of historic Taormina “space is luxury”, as architect Renato Arrigo finds out.

Space is luxury Italy’s old town centres are densely packed and highly stratified. Designing and renovating buildings in them poses numerous restrictions and the ever-present problem of how to organise functions so that they make the optimal use of all available space, in a situation in which “space is luxury” indeed. In the centre of Taormina architect Renato Arrigo planned the renovation and furnishing of a building he described as “A few square metres in the city centre”. The key intuitions in his project were the possibility of raising the roof to free up space for daytime activities and a fixture framing the door which can be opened up to become an extension of the table onto the balcony, returning to its original function as a door frame when closed.

by Agnese Bifulco

Design: Renato Arrigo
Location: Taormina (ME), Italy
Photographs: Maria Teresa Furnari



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