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Hotel Zedern Klang designed by Architektengemeinschaft is a wellness complex in the Tyrol characterised by use of stone on floors and walls in colours inspired by its natural surroundings.

SPA Hotel Zedern Klang: expressions of ceramics The Zedern Klang Hotel, in Hopfgarten in Austria’s Defereggen Valley, has a wellness area that interprets the cosy, tranquil spirit of the Tyrolean landscape in the gentle contrast between natural colours that change with the seasons and the deep blue sky.

Architects E. Griessmann, B. Scherzer and W. Mayr have designed a complex that analyses the natural colours of the environment and interprets them in the floor and wall coverings in each room. The choice of ceramic surfaces, used as both decorative and functional elements, is a key factor in this project. The spa, which is the hotel’s key attraction and most characteristic feature, is a wood and glass structure completely open onto the landscape, in which manmade stone from FMG is used in the flooring, bush-hammered grey quartzite: slabs characterised by a bluish grey background with grey veins blending in the same granulometry to create gentle contrasts. At some points a light wave decoration custom made using water jet cutting technology further adds to the beauty of the stone floor, identifying passageways and alluding to water as a key element in the environment.
Shades of blue appear in Azul Cielo marble, also by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, the material covering the swimming pool and its rounded edges. The veins in this manmade marble are blue and white in colour, underlining the coolness and transparency of the water. The spa’s swimming pool extends into the garden, where it is decorated around the edge with the same bush-hammered grey quartzite as is found inside the spa.As they leave the wellness area, guests walk along corridors characterised by dividers made of rough hewn local lumber, the natural veins in which reflect those in the Pietra forte by Iris Ceramica on the floor. All the stairways are covered with the same material.

Other parts of the hotel feature plenty of wood, in the species typical of the region, such as red fir, Swiss pine and larch. Larch is also used in the hotel rooms, with ceramic tiles in warm hues covering the bathroom walls and floors: beige MADE porcelain stoneware by Iris Ceramica in large tiles with a structured surface. Inspired by environmentally friendly design, these bio-compatible tiles look like coconut fibre and are ANAB certified for ecological design in wellness facilities.
The unique woven effect ensures that the tiles are not merely functional, but encourage tactile interaction with users, who are tempted to touch the warm surfaces of the walls.
From the material wealth of ceramic to the prestige of wood, natural hues of brown, beige and grey dominate throughout the hotel, to which the architects add a bright touch with sparkling Swarovski crystals here and there in a design inspired by the surrounding landscape and intended to stimulate the senses.
Mara Corradi

Design: Architektengemeinschaft (E. Griessmann - B. Scherzer - W. Mayr)
Client: owners of the Zedern Klang hotel
Location: Hopfgarten, Defereggen Valley (Austria)
Construction: 2008
Ceramic floor and wall tiles in hotel room bathrooms: Iris ceramica, MADE collection
Swimming pool and surrounding surfaces: FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Azul Cielo manmade marble
Spa flooring in natural manmade stone: FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, bush-hammered grey quartzite
Flooring on stairways and in corridors leading to the spa: Iris ceramica, Format collection, Pietra forte

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti

IRIS ceramica

SPA Hotel Zedern Klang

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