SNAM Fifth Office Block, Gabetti and Isola

Roberto Gabetti e Aimaro Isola,


Offices, Companies,

Glass, Steel,

It is 1991, and we are in San Donato Milanese, in the tertiary and industrial periphery of the Lombard metropolis.

SNAM Fifth Office Block, Gabetti and Isola The façade is completely made of glass, to allow the workers a continual view of the garden and the water basin inside the amphitheatre, and of the green spaces that surround the outside of the building.
The two curtain-walls that characterise the façade have a continuous interspace of around 90 cm, which allows for energy saving and improves environmental well-being by thermally isolating the office area.
The same interspace is also home to a large vertical greenhouse of plants selected following a study by the Institute of Arboreal Cultivation at the University of Bologna.

On the roof, a theory of hanging gardens gently traces the sloping profile.

Francesca Oddo


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