Smiljan Radic Clarke - Due case a Chiloé

Landscape, Residences,



Builder: Ignacio Ramos Vivar
Location: Chiloé Island, Region X, Chile
Land area: 54 ha.
Built area: approx. 105 m2
Project dates: 1992-1996
Date of construction: 1997


Client: Salmones Tecmar SA
Structural calculations: Patricio Stagno
Builders: Constructora Cahuala Ltda.
Location: Nercon, Chiloé, Region X, Chile
Land area: 10,000 m2
Built area: approx. 220 m2
Project date: 1996
Date of construction: 1999

Smiljan Radic Clarke - Due case a Chiloé Just as in the Habitacion, the short sides have large openings: in the Casa Tecmar, though, they are ?protected? by being set back from the volume below and from the highly plastic ?fold? of the roof, made of galvanised iron covered by light wood in the intrados.

The effect is that the opening forms a niche, an area of deep shadow, further demonstrating Radic?s desire to break off from the current visual tradition of the home, which appears more contemporary, more disturbing, more aggressive here than in some of Koolhas? or van Berkel?s work.

The building is also clearly opposed to the serene, aseptic minimalism of much contemporary architecture.

So while the clear visual differentiation of the building?s various levels seems to recall David Chipperfield?s River & Rowing Museum, the home is radically differentiated from it in the almost brutal taste which not only imposes the architecture on the landscape, but uses asymmetries and distortions to make the building into a dynamic, alienating spatial experience, conceived in a way which could be seen as similar to the cultivated, contemporary ?cinematographic space? of Massimiliano Fuksas? architecture.

Elena Franzoia



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