Sky Bop and Diesel Stores, Riccione

Luca Tausani, Ivan Cappellacci,


Free Time, Store,



Location: Riccione
Designer: Arch. Luca Tausani and Arch. Ivan Cappellacci
Construction: March 2003
Materials: Ariostea High Tech

Sky Bop and Diesel Stores, Riccione The two stores, designed and built by architects Luca Tausani and Ivan Cappellacci, are located on Riccione's most fashionable shopping street, Viale Ceccarini.
Their design is inspired primarily by the trademarks they represent, which stand for quality, fashionable sportswear with a high impact, contemporary, dynamic image.
The two shops' interior and exterior architecture reflects the character of the trademarks, which also determined the choice of furnishings and materials.

The architects' preference for modern, high-tech materials and techniques led to the choice of innovative high-tech stones from Ariostea for flooring: Black Ardesia for the Sky Bop Store and Albino Light for the Diesel Store.
The colour schemes chosen are strong, black in one case and white in the other, with highly material surfaces featuring the typical "hewn" stone look of Black Ardesia and the soft surface typical of quartzite in Albino Light.
The style used in the two points of sale is definitely also influenced by their setting: a holiday resort town that sets the trends for youth.
Displays have to stand out even from outside the store to lure passers-by inside. To achieve this goal, Sky Bop creates a continuum between inside and out achieved by using Black Ardesia in the arcade and on the sidewalk in front of the store, a technique made possible by its outstanding technical qualities such as resistance to wear and to temperature excursions and a surface which is not slippery even when wet. This precious carpet extends the store interior onto the sidewalk, attracting the attention of passers-by even before they enter the store.

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