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Burj Dubai, Dubai

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Its exact height has not yet been revealed, and will not be known until construction has been completed: the Burj Dubai is to be the world's highest skyscraper, and wants to hold that record at least until the completion of construction work.

Skidmore, Owings & Merill LLP<br> Burj Dubai, Dubai The base will be larger and wider in shape, to prevent the formation of updraughts often caused by vortexes which form in the upper part of skyscrapers. Special measures have also been taken to solve the problem of oscillation caused by earthquakes and wind.
An icon of wealth and high tech, the skyscraper will transform the setting where it is to be built, not only by effect of its height but due to the materials that will be used, such as glass for a clear, lightweight look.
The idea suggested by the building will be a gradual rise to the sky, almost as if it fades away as it rises, so that the tip of the building may be hidden by the effect of weather conditions and lighting.
The skyscraper will be built by Samsung Corporation, which has won the contract, worth over 300 million euros.
Its position next to a man-made lake further emphasises the building's height and transparency.

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