Ski jump, Zaha Hadid. Mt. Bergisel (Austria). 2002

Zaha Hadid Architects,

Innsbruck, Austria,

Sport & Wellness,

Cement, Glass,

In September 2002 Mt. Bergisel, near Innsbruck, saw the inauguration of a new ski jump designed by Zaha Hadid, who won an international competition held in 1999.

Ski jump, Zaha Hadid. Mt. Bergisel (Austria). 2002 The project, part of a wider-ranging redevelopment plan for the area incorporating sports and competition facilities, was made necessary by the need to replace an old ski jump that fails to meet today's standards.
But it was not merely a functional overhaul, as Zaha Hadid's structure produced a strong sign in the landscape, a landmark that cannot go unnoticed even in the dramatic snowy setting of Mt. Bergisel and the valleys below.

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