Sir Michael Hopkins & Partners: Wildscreen in Bristol

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The Wildscreen architectural complex is a part of a wider-ranging planning project in southern Bristol¿s old Docklands, involving redevelopment of the area centring on a square featuring water games, sculptures and new street furnishings.

Sir Michael Hopkins & Partners: Wildscreen in Bristol In the Wildscreen complex the foyer leads visitors into a vaulted gallery in light-coloured cement, with inset spotlights emphasising its route and geometric form.
The fluid space of the foyer contrasts with the clear geometric sign of the gallery: the materials thus distinguish the spaces where the focus is on form from those in which function prevails.
Cement was sprayed directly over the iron structure of the vault and, after a brief seasoning, completely incorporated in the thickness of the structure.

At the end of the gallery the IMAX theatre stands out, with its load-bearing structure consisting of two "layers" of masonry separated by an air chamber. The internal "box" is made of cement blocks, while the outer drum is made of two-headed brick masonry.

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